semilimes Remote App

Our application empowers users to effortlessly establish secured tunnel connections, enabling the secure streaming of RTSP camera feeds from their homes or businesses. This innovative tool is ideal for those without a white IP address, offering a reliable and secure way to remotely access camera streams.
Additionally, semilimes remote integrates seamlessly with local web-based systems like Home Assistant, openHAB and Node-RED, and allows to access them remotely. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your property while traveling, managing your home or office automation, semilimes remote is your go-to solution for accessible, secure, and intelligent remote monitoring.

Installation and Upgrade Guide for the semilimes remote Application

We offer a specialized script designed for the installation of the semilimes remote application on Debian-based systems or on Raspberry Pi devices.

This script is designed to:

  • Check whether the s-remote app is already installed and, if it is, suggest updating the app.
  • Install the most recent version of the semilimes remote app.
  • Configure the semilimes remote app to operate as a service, enable the service to autostart on boot.
  • Supply a series of commands for managing the service.

By executing the specified command, you can automatically download and initiate the script:

sudo bash -c "$(curl -sSL"

Following the installation, you will have access to three commands:

  • sme-remote-start: Initiates the app as a service, allowing it to operate in the background. While running this command, you will be informed that the app’s user interface is accessible at http://<device_host>:3030.
  • sme-remote-stop: Stops the sme-remote service.
  • sme-remote-uninstall: Deactivates the service, delete the app, and all associated configuration files.

If you’re using the app on a local machine, you can access it at http://localhost:3030.

The first time you run the app, you’ll be prompted to enter an API key, which you can obtain by visiting your semilime account api key management section.

After entering the API key, you’re all set to start using the app. It allows you to make your local web-based system accessible through the semilimes app using secure tunnels. Additionally, you can connect your local surveillance cameras’ RTSP streams and make them accessible through these tunnels as well.