Bucket template

Streamline your workflow with bucket templates. Create custom templates for your buckets and easily apply them when creating feeds or sharing buckets with other users. Save time and maintain consistency in your data management processes.

Message template

Simplify your conversations with message templates. Create predefined message templates and send them effortlessly in chats with other users. Whether it’s for common responses or quick communication, message templates make messaging more efficient and convenient.

Form template

Simplify collaboration and data collection with our form templates. Craft customized templates containing a wide range of elements. Easily share these templates in chats with other users or incorporate them into bucket templates for efficient data sharing and management.


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Manage your chats, group chats, and channels

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See what shared with you, and what shared by you

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Create your own bucket, message, and form templates

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Searching for profiles, chats, templates

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Manage your files, connected apps, and tunnels

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See who is around you, and connect with them

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