Connect, Control, Share

A new era in interfacing any IoT device
Connect, Control, Share

Unlock a Smarter Home: Security, Convenience,
and Energy Efficiency All in One App

Home Security

automate locks, security cameras that can be monitored remotely, motion sensors, alarms, and other security features that can be controlled

Day-to-day Convenience

automate lights, thermostats, blinds, music, and other home systems so that they can be controlled remotely, set to timers, or even set to react to certain conditions or triggers

Energy Efficiency

smartly controll heating, cooling, lighting, and other power-consuming systems in the house, reduce unnecessary energy consumption

Transform how you connect, manage, and share with every IoT device

New styles to remotely control your IoT devices

Classical user interface. Customize your interaction the way you like it.

New styles to remotely control your IoT devices

Conversational workflow style with standardized building blocks to remotely interact with your IoT devices, and the possibility to send it to others inside chats, group chat, and channels.

Secure Sharing

Want to share device access? semilimes interfaces can be securely shared, allowing collaborative control and monitoring.

Create Organizations

Beyond a platform, semilimes is a community. Create organizations to manage your teams and IoT devices. Manage groups, grant access, and let your devices communicate in harmony.

Other features


Message friends and family easily. Share your best moments and more in both one-on-one and group chats. Stay connected always.


Call your friends and family anytime. Stay close with clear voice calls.

Video Calling

Start video calls in just a click. Talk face-to-face, making every conversation personal and real.


Scan NFC tags on cards or objects for swift device connections and instant access to information, making interactions seamless and efficient.

QR Code

Easily connect with others by scanning unique QR Codes within the app, and simplify web login using a secure QR Code authentication process.

What makes the app special?

Understanding the What, Where, and When of every objects


Craft a distinctive identity for your object by creating titles, taglines, hashtags, and categories. This comprehensive characterization ensures seamless sharing and efficient searchability within the platform, allowing your object to stand out with clarity.


Infuse your objects with temporal context by seamlessly integrating calendar entries. This highlights the precise date and time of scheduled events or activities, promoting organization, effective planning, and keeping you well-informed about the timing of significant occurrences.


Elevate your object’s spatial context by incorporating addresses or locations. This provides clarity on the physical whereabouts of a device, user or bucket, enhancing spatial awareness. Foster effective communication and enable location-specific interactions within the platform.

No surprises, just honest and straightforward invoices

”You're our valued customer, not a product. Clear, degressive pricing ensures value for all”

Data Storage

Store your digital files and content on semilimes servers. Free tier up to 5 GB, with additional charges for exceeding limits.

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Data Traffic

Transmit data between semilimes and your audience, including video streaming. Costs cover data processing and routing.

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Messages & API Calls

Communicate and interact with semilimes through messages and API calls. Pay based on message volume and API usage.

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Unleash creativity with semilimes API

Seamlessly integrate your preferred apps and hardware into
semilimes ecosystem

Automate and interact
with devices

Assign a digital identity to virtually any device and design its behavior within semilimes

Ease communication with flexible data structures

Tailor your own interaction flows with menu-style views, conversational chats and custom data entries

Integrate with
gateways and tools

Open your existing IoT domain to semilimes by using a pre-made or custom connection tool

One App, Multiple Solutions

Regular Users Controlling IoT Devices
semilimes Users Controlling IoT Devices

Ready to use semilimes?

Let's start controlling various devices with just one hand and one click